We’ve all seen the movies 'Boyz N Tha Hood', 'Menace to Society', 'Friday', 'Next Friday', 'Friday after next'... and so on. I agree they are all great movies and I know that every now and again a fashion trend will come out of a hit movie and the general public will tend follow the newest looks set by the latest big name celebrity... and it’s always a good thing, right?


Has anyone else noticed the growing trend of guys wearing the jeans and pants strapped literally half way below the bum line? Guys the ‘pants below the waist’ look is not a fashion statement so focus, take a deep breath and please read carefully!

It is not a fashion statement. It is the unfortunate result of the American justice system and it originated in the American state prisons when prison officers took the draw-strings out of the in-mates pants and didn't allow belts to be worn because they were often used as weapons. The result was that the pants used to constantly drop below the waist, which is one reason why they introduced the jump suit.

50cent_kingin suit.jpg

Back in the day when the likes of Jay Z and 50 Cent were no more than wannabe’s they adopted that style to try and make themselves look tougher, but even the princes of hip hop have grown up and have developed a pretty neat dress sense.

And as if that was not enough of a reason for you guys to cop on and put on a belt then please take note – You don’t live in the ghetto; you haven’t (at least I hope) spent time in a state penitentiary; and you don’t use the slang ‘Sssup Dawg’ preceding every conversation you have with your ‘hommies’…

Am I trying to change you? Not really, but I am trying to save you from tripping over yourselves as you walk 'hand on crotch' literaly holding onto your dignity. More so, I'm hoping to protect myself – and the general public - from catching a glimpse of your Spongebob Squarepants and polkadot briefs!

The moral of this story guys is quite simply this – appreciate the benefits of a good quality belt and strap it up – way up.. on the waist line!