The jet lag is not going anywhere soon.

20:00 (last night): I was in bed purposely keeping my eyes open just to see how long I....

5:56am: ...I woke up naturally and unaware of where the hell I was!!!

This isn’t my bed, my room doesn’t smell like fresh lavender and my pillows aren’t this soft. As my eyes came into focus and my body stretched, my memory caught up with me... good morning Kent.

I rolled out of bed wondering if any of the other contestants were awake yet. I remember plenty of the guys in Korea getting up early and going to the gym. They wanted to be the first, the most disciplined, the most routined and the most focused contestant. So I got up, got dressed and went down for some breakfast and made my way to the gym.

6:30am: Not a soul in sight

7:30am: I finished my workout. It was hard for me today because my body still thinks it should be sleeping and  not trying to lift 120kg in a leg press.

I’m not entirely sure such a strenuous workout was even a good idea considering that the first order of business was going to be a fitness test. I may not be competing but I will be taking part and whether I like it or not I have to set the bar high.

I had a chance to meet with a number of the contestants yesterday. They are all nice guys that is for sure but they are not all Mr World material. Mostly, they are a group of fit, healthy, attractive young men who have taken certain steps to be here today; and I found out that I will be eliminating a number of them coming up to the final night.

Out of a group of almost 60, It won’t be hard to eliminate a few. Picking only one winner however will be.

I can already see the guys who are here not for their ego or for some reward but because they see an opportunity to make a change, to grow and and to give back. These are the guys I will be keeping an eye on over the coming weeks.

We did some more profile interviews today and I got to learn more about some of the contestants. I like them.

21:45: It has been a long day today. The sports challenge took up most of the morning and afternoon and filming took care of the early part of the evening.

We've just got back from dinner in Kent’s most haunted village...apparently!

It’s time for bed..