There is one thing in particular that I love about being part of a global gathering such as this. I am constantly surrounded by people from all over the world. Every where I turn I hear a different accent and I can honestly say that I have made friends in literally every part of the world.

Some of these guys are models and actors, and some are already very successful. Others are engineers, scientists, nutritionists, personal trainers, architects,  college students and even doctors. They are not known by their given name. Each contestant is called by and known only as the country they come from and represent.


The Mr World contestants in Trafalgar Square

Peru is a fit, handsome young guy that comes across as a someone with strong values and principles. He loves his family and he is disciplined and polite. He demands a lot from himself and can be a strong team player.


Philippines is a bit older, only 27, good looking, a sportsman and businessman, a real man’s man (and a loyal ladies man too). You can’t help but fall in love with his charm and amenable approach to the competition.


Lebanon is a kind, honest and very genuine person who wants to do his absolute best and isn't afraid to seek advice. I like him and I hope he does well.


Ireland, without being biased, is another strong contender. He represents everything it is to be Irish. Warm, welcoming, friendly, sporting, cheerful and a team player. He is a skilled athlete and gentleman through and through – I can’t fault him.

Colombia, Mexico, Northern Ireland, Macao, Germany, England, Singapore.. there are many strong, decent contenders that are representing the best of their respective nations. Regardless of what some might think they each personify their country, their culture and their values and are putting it on a world stage for others to judge. This is not something a majority of any population can have claim to and not many will have the opportunity to do something like this in their lifetime.

We as the onlookers need to recognise the value and appreciate the enormity of the experience for everyone involved. We also need to recognise where opportunities and experiences like Mr World can lead.

November 18th

We are now halfway through the competition. Ireland, Macao, Columbia, Canada and Croatia are standing out in the sports & talent segments while some others are being noticed through their presence, charm and spirit throughout the contest.

I am watching to see who will crack first. When the long days catch up and the tired muscles start to ache, when we start to separate the high performers from the rest of the group.. will we see a change in any of the contestants?

20:45: It’s early but it has been a long day. Good night!