The Mr World contest, which is owned and run by the Miss World Organisation, is much more than just a set of challenges and the judging of a competition.

The contest is a highly organised and complicated production assignment involving meticulous planning in logistics, catering, entertainment as well as rehearsals, challenges and multi-media management, which all comes together as a 6 part television series involving 60 contestants from 60 different nations, multi-skilled production crews, event organisers, team leaders, drivers, security and hundreds of thousands of pounds!

All this to find one man who will represent the Miss World Organisation around the globe for the next 12 months.

Interview with Mr China

As with any major event there are always delays. There are 60 interviews being done. One profile piece per contestant. It's an opportunity for me to get to know them a little and for them to speak to the world.

Interview with Mr Lebanon

But we are running behind... and the pressure is mounting!