Seventeen days and counting but I am now begining to settle into the Aussie way of life. The regular twenty-something degrees, warm breeze and mostly blue skies as we come into winter certainly makes adjusting a whole lot easier.

The jet lag only lasted about 3 or 4 days but then came the hay fever. It’s a wonderful thing when you can smell the warm air over the oval as it picks up the scent of the surrounding trees and flowers. It’s not so wonderful when it keeps you up at night wheezing and sneezing but, thankfully, that’s behind me now—one of the perks of living with a doctor.

On Monday 19th March, still fighting with jet lag, I made my way to visit Noel White, the Irish Ambassador to Australia. I couldn’t possibly pass on the invitation to attend the post St Patrick’s Day celebration at the Irish Embassy in Yarralumla. I had the pleasure of meeting many of the foreign dignitaries, such as Mr Ayo Olukanni, the Nigerian High Commissioner, who seemed as excited to meet me as I was to meet him. It was a wonderful event and a great introduction to Australia.

One thing I’ve noticed about Australia is how easy it is to get up early in the morning. It’s bright and sunny at 7am and the clocks have just gone back so now I can get up at 6am—although I dont plan on making that a habit just yet :-)

The wonderful weather has always been on the top of my list of pros and I’m getting accustomed to early morning runs around the oval, by the lake or through the woods. It’s also perfect conditions for skydiving and paragliding, which I’m very keen on getting involved in soon. I don’t mean to make my Irish friends jealous but I’m now enjoying long walks in the sun and even getting a tan (yes, even I tan). It’s a far cry from the -7C winter I just came from in London & the wet and windy routine of Irish weather that I am used to.

Last week I went to a lovely pub in Canberra called The Phoenix. I picked a good night to go because it was packed full of people, all there to see the Lavers brothers perform. You should check them out by the way (@Laversband on twitter).

I’m not forgetting my beautiful green Ireland of course. Home will always be home no matter where in the world I am. I have only just begun to cement myself in this great land and it’s exciting that I have a whole continent to discover.

I hope you will continue to follow me on my journey and I can’t wait to speak to you all again very soon!