Miss World 2013 - Bali, Indonesia

Life in Pictures :-)


What a great team.. Here I am with our Director Steve Douglas, our Producer Derek Wheeler and one half of our amazing PR team Victoria Cameron.


Here are the Miss World's at the sports contests on the beach :-)


Just to make you jealous... Here's a picture of the resort we're staying in!


Yes, thats the beach :-)


Some of the Miss Worlds arriving at the Temple of Besakih



'Same Love'

I’ve heard of it, I’ve seen the pictures and videos but it wasn’t until last weekend that I was able to experience it for the first time.

Mardi Gras is the annual celebration that for many is a period of activity related to celebratory events. Belgium, Brazil, Germany, Italy, Sweden, USA and Australia are just some of the nations that are known for leading grand celebrations under the banner of Mardi Gras and what they celebrate is life, love and happiness in the many forms that it exists.


In particular, the Sydney Mardi Gras is the annual LGBT festival that is attended by hundreds of thousands of people from around Australia and the world. This year it celebrated 35 years of love, pride and change and for me was an exhibition of colour, music, dance, art, creativity, passion, love and freedom. For many it was that and much more. I can’t completely put into words the harmonious atmosphere that was alive throughout the celebrations and the after parties that followed, but I can tell you that it brought to the fore of my mind how the world we live in has changed.


I watched men, women and children come together to celebrate life. I watched straight, gay, lesbian, and transgendered communities come together to celebrate love and I watched the army, navy, fire brigade and police forces come together to celebrate freedom. People from different beginnings, on different journeys and of broadening beliefs were altogether in what could be described as a euphoric, uninhibited symphony of gaiety and joyousness. It was a celebration of so many things to so many people and the harmony I’m talking about was the ‘coming together’ of my world and the unique experiences of everyone else around me.


We belong to a generation of new heroes, of pioneers and pathfinders.

Do you remember when black people and white people couldn’t eat from the same table? When a person of colour was inferior and not worth the freedom of life?

Do you remember when women were not given a voice and were stripped of all regard in matters of any importance? When a woman was only meant to serve the man that kept her?

Do you remember when being gay was a sin and a disease that required religion to find its cure? When sexuality was a choice and those that made the wrong choice were faggots, queers, and outcasts?


What happened to God loving all his children equally or is that now somehow forgotten?

Well, what do you expect when we paraphrase a book written 3500 years ago...

We belong to a generation that for the first time in human history has an opportunity to truly see the world first hand. Todays world is much smaller than ever before and we are part of a generation that can see further, learn faster and adapt more easily than those before us. I have travelled the world and I have seen so much of its faults and failings… all man made. But beyond that I have seen the similarities that have shown me how we truly are all the same.

We feel as others feel, we bleed as others bleed, we love as others love and we all desire a life like none other before us. The difference is that now we are capable of making that happen. The slaves are free, women rule and sex happens… in lots of different ways…

Allow me to share with you an idea.

We live in two worlds; the world that we are born into, that existed before us and that will continue to exist long after we are gone. And there is the world that exists BECAUSE we were born, created by us and then ceases after we have passed on.

That world, your world, is the one that matters the most and how you move in that world and live in that world affects the one we all share, the one you & I were born into, the one with all the wars and deaths and poverty and prejudice.

For me, Mardi Gras is an example and a demonstration of how the actions of individuals over the years have impacted the world we all share in a very positive way.

You may not build an empire, but you can leave a legacy.. make it a positive one.

* This blog was inspired in part by the work of Macklmore, Ryan Lewis and Mary Lambert



525,600 minutes

It's been almost a year since I arrived in Australia. 348 days to be exact and in 17 days I will be making my last trip home from Sydney. This time I don't have a return ticket and I don't know when I'll be back but I know I'm going to miss being here. The people, the weather, the lifestyle… I've been living a truly blessed life for quite a while now.


Last night I was driving down the eastern distributor. It was late, the city lights were glimmering, the radio was playing softly and I switched on the AC as I cruised along at 60km on the 80km freeway… I was day dreaming; remeniscing every minute of my life over the last 12 months and as I often do, I began to think deeply about life, all our lives in fact.


Our time is the most valuable thing we own. It is the one thing we can never buy or buy back and once its gone you can never retrieve it. How we choose to spend our time helps to define who we are and although we can not see time we can see the effects time has. Without time we can not heal, we can not forget or forgive, we can not learn or move forward. However, with time eventually we can accomplish anything and everything we desire.


I have tried to fill the last 525,600 minutes of my time with as much as possible and I have been fortunate to have been able to do that. Since March 17th last year I have flown over 90,000 miles and visited 9 different cities. I've moved house 5 times and have joined and re-joined 4 different gyms. My career has gone from strength to strength and I have taken on new projects with bigger paychecks. I've accomplished my goals for now and I've lived my adventure. In one year I've had my heart broken, my ribs fractured and I almost burnt a whole through my easophagus (that was quite painful). I've made many new friends, some that I will keep forever and some that I know I will never see again. I've met legends and lunatics, criminals and saints, lovers and leavers. Relationships were formed and have faded... and I have certainly made love more times than I have found it.


But i've always got something to look forward to and I look forward to them because I get to share it with you. Wealth and happiness exists to be shared and because it is shared. Somehow I think it all makes a difference. You know that if I can do it then you can too. I'm not different I just make my own path. I believe there is nothing I can not do and I know I can conquer anything I put my mind to…  if I can do it so can you.


On St. Patricks day my timer resets to 0. After only a few days I'll be going to Madrid, then back to Ireland where ill be doing some work in Galway, Cork & Dublin. In April I'm heading overseas again this time to central America and then back to Spain. In July ill be in Holland and Canada. I could tell you why but I won't because its a surprise :-)

But who cares what I do with my time? Maybe no one… but that doesn't matter. It's time well spent.

And now, a little something for you :-)


A New Era

Back in Sydney after an action packed and event filled two weeks in London, I'm reminiscing the fondest moments of Mr World 2012.

photo 2.JPG

Recording links with Myleene before the Mr World FinalI miss the 5 star accommodation, the amazing food, the schedules, the busyness of every day, the filming, the rehearsals and the pressure to perform. The healthy competitiveness that lingered for the duration of the contest, the camaraderie and the friendships that were made... It is an experience like no other and one I will not soon forget.

Congratulations to our new Mr World, Francisco Escobar from Colombia. I wish him even more success than I have managed and I am sure he will be a great ambassador for the organisation.


'Crowning' the new Mr World


Mr World 2012 - Francisco Escobar

It may be the end of my reign but it is also the dawn of a new era; not just for me but also for Francisco. I will continue to work with the MWO on what I hope will be on many more events around the world. My commitments to the humanitarian and fund raising efforts still stand.

I'm also looking forward to playing Noah in my first lead role in a short film this month. The next 4 weeks will see me complete my diving and gliding training and my friends, fans and family can expect to see me on their television screens in Ireland come January. There is much to look forward to and much to prepare for... and if Francisco does the job I imagine he will, he too will be stepping onto greater things when the time comes for him to handover his title.


Myleene Klasse & I at the opening of Mr World 2012

I have been Mr World for over 2 years but I am and will be Kamal Orlando Ibrahim for the rest of my life... The journey is just beginning and I will have many more stories to share with you ...

Stay tuned :)


Chapter Three - The Halfway Point

There is one thing in particular that I love about being part of a global gathering such as this. I am constantly surrounded by people from all over the world. Every where I turn I hear a different accent and I can honestly say that I have made friends in literally every part of the world.

Some of these guys are models and actors, and some are already very successful. Others are engineers, scientists, nutritionists, personal trainers, architects,  college students and even doctors. They are not known by their given name. Each contestant is called by and known only as the country they come from and represent.


The Mr World contestants in Trafalgar Square

Peru is a fit, handsome young guy that comes across as a someone with strong values and principles. He loves his family and he is disciplined and polite. He demands a lot from himself and can be a strong team player.


Philippines is a bit older, only 27, good looking, a sportsman and businessman, a real man’s man (and a loyal ladies man too). You can’t help but fall in love with his charm and amenable approach to the competition.


Lebanon is a kind, honest and very genuine person who wants to do his absolute best and isn't afraid to seek advice. I like him and I hope he does well.


Ireland, without being biased, is another strong contender. He represents everything it is to be Irish. Warm, welcoming, friendly, sporting, cheerful and a team player. He is a skilled athlete and gentleman through and through – I can’t fault him.

Colombia, Mexico, Northern Ireland, Macao, Germany, England, Singapore.. there are many strong, decent contenders that are representing the best of their respective nations. Regardless of what some might think they each personify their country, their culture and their values and are putting it on a world stage for others to judge. This is not something a majority of any population can have claim to and not many will have the opportunity to do something like this in their lifetime.

We as the onlookers need to recognise the value and appreciate the enormity of the experience for everyone involved. We also need to recognise where opportunities and experiences like Mr World can lead.

November 18th

We are now halfway through the competition. Ireland, Macao, Columbia, Canada and Croatia are standing out in the sports & talent segments while some others are being noticed through their presence, charm and spirit throughout the contest.

I am watching to see who will crack first. When the long days catch up and the tired muscles start to ache, when we start to separate the high performers from the rest of the group.. will we see a change in any of the contestants?

20:45: It’s early but it has been a long day. Good night!



Mr World 2012 - My Formal Address

Hello Mr World Contestants,

For those of you that I have not yet met my name is Kamal Ibrahim. I won Mr World in 2010 and I currently hold the title that you are all competing for.
I have been Mr World for over 2 years. In that time I have travelled to many countries and have met many amazing, influential and very famous people. I have experienced things that I never would have experienced if it wasn’t for winning this contest.

I won Mr World when I was 24 years old. I am 27 now and I am a very different person to who I was 3 years ago. This competition is not about finding the strongest, the fastest or the most good looking guy. It’s not about how fit you are or how well you dress.

Mr World is about finding a man who incorporates all the characteristics of a successful, professional gentleman. Someone who can communicate his values and principles to the world. Someone who is kind, gentle and understanding. Someone who is driven, ambitious and determined to make a change.

Personally, I don’t believe that there is such a thing as the most handsome man or that there is only one man worthy to be called ‘the worlds most desirable’. The fact is that there are many people that have what it takes to be Mr World but the difference between them and you is that you have taken the steps needed to be here. You have made the sacrifices, put in the work and have shown determination to get this far.

But there can only be one Mr World. 

I will be a judge at the final but no matter what happens over the next two weeks just remember that in this competition you do not need to come first to be a winner. You already are.

So the greatest piece of advice I can give you is to be yourself. We don’t want actors. There are 60 of you here and if you want to be heard you need to stand up and be counted. Don’t fade into the background.

You all have your reasons for being here. Whether its because you want to further your career in acting or modelling or you want to generate publicity for your business or maybe you really want to make a change.. make sure you stay focused and you stick to your goals. Make sure that everything you do has value to you.

It is a pleasure to meet you all. Being here brings back many memories of when I was a contestant and it was a great experience for me. Make sure that no matter what happens you enjoy your time here.

Good luck to all of you

Kamal Ibrahim - Mr World 2010



Behind Schedule!

The Mr World contest, which is owned and run by the Miss World Organisation, is much more than just a set of challenges and the judging of a competition.

The contest is a highly organised and complicated production assignment involving meticulous planning in logistics, catering, entertainment as well as rehearsals, challenges and multi-media management, which all comes together as a 6 part television series involving 60 contestants from 60 different nations, multi-skilled production crews, event organisers, team leaders, drivers, security and hundreds of thousands of pounds!

All this to find one man who will represent the Miss World Organisation around the globe for the next 12 months.

Interview with Mr China

As with any major event there are always delays. There are 60 interviews being done. One profile piece per contestant. It's an opportunity for me to get to know them a little and for them to speak to the world.

Interview with Mr Lebanon

But we are running behind... and the pressure is mounting!



Mr World 2012 - Chapter Two

The jet lag is not going anywhere soon.

20:00 (last night): I was in bed purposely keeping my eyes open just to see how long I....

5:56am: ...I woke up naturally and unaware of where the hell I was!!!

This isn’t my bed, my room doesn’t smell like fresh lavender and my pillows aren’t this soft. As my eyes came into focus and my body stretched, my memory caught up with me... good morning Kent.

I rolled out of bed wondering if any of the other contestants were awake yet. I remember plenty of the guys in Korea getting up early and going to the gym. They wanted to be the first, the most disciplined, the most routined and the most focused contestant. So I got up, got dressed and went down for some breakfast and made my way to the gym.

6:30am: Not a soul in sight

7:30am: I finished my workout. It was hard for me today because my body still thinks it should be sleeping and  not trying to lift 120kg in a leg press.

I’m not entirely sure such a strenuous workout was even a good idea considering that the first order of business was going to be a fitness test. I may not be competing but I will be taking part and whether I like it or not I have to set the bar high.

I had a chance to meet with a number of the contestants yesterday. They are all nice guys that is for sure but they are not all Mr World material. Mostly, they are a group of fit, healthy, attractive young men who have taken certain steps to be here today; and I found out that I will be eliminating a number of them coming up to the final night.

Out of a group of almost 60, It won’t be hard to eliminate a few. Picking only one winner however will be.

I can already see the guys who are here not for their ego or for some reward but because they see an opportunity to make a change, to grow and and to give back. These are the guys I will be keeping an eye on over the coming weeks.

We did some more profile interviews today and I got to learn more about some of the contestants. I like them.

21:45: It has been a long day today. The sports challenge took up most of the morning and afternoon and filming took care of the early part of the evening.

We've just got back from dinner in Kent’s most haunted village...apparently!

It’s time for bed..



Mr World 2012 - Chapter One

"Stepping back in time"

A little over 24 hours ago I was sitting passenger, en-route to Kingsford Smith International in Sydney. I was relaxed and thinking about the plans I made for when I return in a little over 2 weeks. The routine by now was certainly very routine. I had done this so many times and I was about to do it again; another intercontinental flight. 8 hours to Hong Kong, a 90 minute layover  and 14 more hours to London. That’s OK though, for me that means  4 movies, a break to stretch the legs, another 1 or maybe 2 movies followed by a 7 or 8 hour snooze (helped along with some powerful sleeping tablets) and a 2 hour slot to read, play games or do whatever I felt would entertain me for the rest of the flight..

15:45: I hate it when they make you wait until after take off to give you the head sets!

22:00: Some beef & cous cous and 4 new movie releases later we arrived at Hong Kong. Efficient, organised and a red sticker on my top to say I’m allowed back on board when they finished refuelling.

23:30: Take off and headed for London with just enough time to check in on Facebook.

4:50am: Touchdown.

By now I was tired. Exhausted from doing absolutely nothing. I had no idea where I was going or who I’d be meeting. I got off the plane and almost arrogantly showed my EU passport to the police officer sitting behind the glass. It felt good knowing I didn’t have to wait an extra 30 minutes in line to be ‘processed’. “Welcome home” – the policewoman said. “Thanks!” Although home for me was still an hours flight across the water to Ireland, but still.. I’m in Europe again.

Walking through arrivals was when it began to dawn on me. It was like I had stepped back in time arriving at Seoul International in 2010 as a contestant in Mr World. Now almost 3 years later, a much wiser, more experienced Kamal was being welcomed as Mr World in London. I met with Con, my Afghan driver who was quick to tell me, “it’s pronounced Gg-haun, but the English say Con”. So I said it was nice to meet you Gg-haun and fell asleep in the back of his immaculate Ford as he drove me to The Marriott Hotel in Kent.

I woke up just as we arrived. I grabbed by bags, checked in and went to my room. “Good-bye my friend” – shouts Gg-haun.

6:30am: Breakfast seemed like a great idea.

6:50am: I had just flown 24 hours around the world but I thought 30 minutes in the gym would be more valuable than doing more of nothing!

By now the excitement was setting in. I began to remember how I felt when I arrived in Korea almost 3 years ago. I remember the feeling  of being somewhere new about to set off on an unknown adventure with new friends. My competitive nature was already beginning to come out. Even though I’m not competing I know they will be watching my every move.

I looked around the gym and saw a few young guys. Fit and with a look of determination on their faces...clearly contestants.. I wonder do I look as obvious?

From the corner of my eye I could see 2 or 3 looking over at me who seemed to recognise me. One chap, from New Zealand introduced himself. I hadn’t met the organisers yet and didn’t know if I’m even allowed to mingle with the contestants so I left after saying hello.

7:30am: Showered and sitting at my desk in my room.... waiting for Chapter 2 to begin!



Thunder and Lightning?

So there I was, sauntering through in awe of this vibrant and vigorous cosmopolitan. An amalgamation of artistic design and non-native cultural influence, my new home…  

Just passing the corner of Pitt and King St, I was surrounded by the high reaching concrete, steel and glass arrangements of corporate institutions coercing visitors with their beauty and dominance across the skyline.

I felt the hustle of the city pulsing around me as I waded through the crowds of desk jockeys, office subordinates and the coporate elite and their personal assistants who, in their best efforts were trying not to spill the daily order of the extra-large, extra-dirty, double mocha Chai Lattes with a dash of cinnamon and SKIMMED MILK, all the while expertly balancing the four-pack of Americano Venties from Starbucks, still steaming hot, for their insolent colleagues who couldn’t care less.

I empathised with them but also felt somewhat jealous of their assiduousness, their diligence in carrying out the most mundane of assignments as they fight tooth and nail – freshly painted of course with the newest range of $180 Chanel Praline nail polish – for their space on the first rung of the corporate ladder. To maintain my objectivity I should also point out that the men were equally as flustered, also fighting tooth and nail and [at a guess] in some cases also donning the Estee Lauder anti-aging bronzer to impress their all-seeing and ‘attentive to every detail’ managers who are solely responsible for providing them access to rung number two.

As I broke free of the masses, while conversing about Mardi Gras and the goings on of Australian beach parties, I was startled by an incredible and abrupt rumble and growl followed by a high pitched screech. It is winter now so maybe there’s a storm brewing. Thunder and lightning caused by cumulonimbus building up over the east coast perhaps? Not quite. A warm fresh breeze and blue skies sat calmly above the city.

All within a matter of seconds, still lingering on the last words of my conversation about bra-less beach babes and beer bongs in Bondi – a second, louder roar erupted just beside me. This was no storm – It was the seductive growl of the 8-cylinder, 4.2 litre and 420HP engine of a brand new Audi R8 driven [of course] by a fifty something year old executive with a blonde twenty something in the passenger seat.

Simultaneously, on the same street coming in the opposite direction, side-by-side with the Audi was the source of the high pitched screech I had just previously heard. A pink... yes! BRIGHT.PINK.STRETCH.HUMMER was sailing slowly by and out of the window leaned a tall, slim, blonde female while her friend stood waist high out of the sunroof; both looking at ME!

I could still smell the rubber melting on the tarmac from the Audi accelerating past. As I looked through the smoke I couldn’t help but smile as the women lifted their blouse, bared their breasts and shook them rather excitedly and rapidly and long enough that they actually began moving in a perfect circular motion… almost hypnotic to some of the male by-standers caught in the visual cross-fire!

It all happened in a sort of time warped, slow motion scene. All of my senses were working independently of each other. The smell of the rubber, the taste of the smokey air, the feel of the city and people brushing past me and the sight and sounds that emanated from all around me - a moment of pure bliss.

The girls shouted at the top of their lungs, ‘We love Sydney!’. As they fell back, laughing and giggling into the Hummer, I thought to myself…

I've arrived...



"Off the Cuff" - It's a matter of Style

We’ve all seen the movies 'Boyz N Tha Hood', 'Menace to Society', 'Friday', 'Next Friday', 'Friday after next'... and so on. I agree they are all great movies and I know that every now and again a fashion trend will come out of a hit movie and the general public will tend follow the newest looks set by the latest big name celebrity... and it’s always a good thing, right?


Has anyone else noticed the growing trend of guys wearing the jeans and pants strapped literally half way below the bum line? Guys the ‘pants below the waist’ look is not a fashion statement so focus, take a deep breath and please read carefully!

It is not a fashion statement. It is the unfortunate result of the American justice system and it originated in the American state prisons when prison officers took the draw-strings out of the in-mates pants and didn't allow belts to be worn because they were often used as weapons. The result was that the pants used to constantly drop below the waist, which is one reason why they introduced the jump suit.

50cent_kingin suit.jpg

Back in the day when the likes of Jay Z and 50 Cent were no more than wannabe’s they adopted that style to try and make themselves look tougher, but even the princes of hip hop have grown up and have developed a pretty neat dress sense.

And as if that was not enough of a reason for you guys to cop on and put on a belt then please take note – You don’t live in the ghetto; you haven’t (at least I hope) spent time in a state penitentiary; and you don’t use the slang ‘Sssup Dawg’ preceding every conversation you have with your ‘hommies’…

Am I trying to change you? Not really, but I am trying to save you from tripping over yourselves as you walk 'hand on crotch' literaly holding onto your dignity. More so, I'm hoping to protect myself – and the general public - from catching a glimpse of your Spongebob Squarepants and polkadot briefs!

The moral of this story guys is quite simply this – appreciate the benefits of a good quality belt and strap it up – way up.. on the waist line!



A Constant State of Readiness

While sitting in The Farmer's Daughter last week, the uncanny name of a lovely cafe in Yarralumla, I was receiving some timely and judicious advice regarding my current state of affairs. For those of you in the business of entertainment I am sure you can comprehend. To you, the pleasant public, our wondrous audience to whom we aspire to delight and captivate, trust me when I say, ‘It is the time spent between each event, each milestone, that is the hardest to manage’. The constant chase and contesting trials for the next gig, the more lucrative job with a more rewarding paycheck and in some cases any job at all honorable enough, at least, to keep the ambition alive.

Sitting in the cafe I got to chatting about all of my experiences. The good and the not-so-good. From learning how to march in a military unit, attaining the skills to fire rifles and anti-aircraft guns to becoming a pilot at the age of 19; working as a specialist consultant for a recruitment firm to pacing the catwalk as a succesful model; becoming a recognisable face on national television to jumping out of airplanes and travelling the world over.

 It is a perplexing series of events, influences and occurrences that must take place for anyone to walk that path, a path so contrasting of itself never mind that of the 9 to 5.

As I listened I looked for a sign, a clear messege in the conversation that would tell me how to manage the idle, nonproductive and stressing vacuum of time until my next commision. As we spoke about my life experiences, the early years of my honest and perhaps naive ambitions, I remembered an instruction that was often given to me as a young recruit in the defence forces, ‘You must at all times be in a constant state of readiness’.

When I was 17 I travelled to the Royal Marines Training Centre at Lympstone in England. This, as I was determined to become a pilot in the Royal Air Force, was a means to that end. During my short time there I received that same instruction, ‘You must at all times be in a constant state of readiness’. In the military this applies to every enlisted personnel regardless of rank or duty, even during times of peace,to always be prepared for battle.

I am not fighting a foreign enemy nor do I have any plans to do so. However, It was made clear to me that this lesson still applies. In fact I would say it applies to everyone. That may seem obvious to some of you reading this but consider this; the more ambitious and rewarding our goals, the more time we will spend to achieve them. That is our ambition. But as time passes even the strongest and most driven of us will have moments of doubt and it is in those moments that we find the battle we wage with ourselves. The struggle to keep going or give up. To sacrifice more in the hope of success or to quit and save time, energy and self-regard.

I have fought this battle time and time again and if not for the support of my closest friends and allies I would most certainly have been defeated. One more victim of deserted self-belief. But, sitting by the window in The Farmer's Daughter, ten thousand seven hundred miles away from my home, my refuge, I was enduring. I am still travelling the same path I had set off on almost 3 years ago.

So how does one maintain a constant state of readiness? In my case the daily routine of a 24k cycle, swimming, running and the gym keep me physically in shape while reading, music, study and vocal exercises keep me mentally sound.

Before we left the cafe I was reminded of another saying, the motto of the famous military wing of the British and Australian Special Forces:

 – Who Dares, Wins.

A befitting statement no doubt.

 * Thank you Diana for your time, support and words of enlightenment. You are a caring spirit and wonderful friend.



17 days and counting

Seventeen days and counting but I am now begining to settle into the Aussie way of life. The regular twenty-something degrees, warm breeze and mostly blue skies as we come into winter certainly makes adjusting a whole lot easier.

The jet lag only lasted about 3 or 4 days but then came the hay fever. It’s a wonderful thing when you can smell the warm air over the oval as it picks up the scent of the surrounding trees and flowers. It’s not so wonderful when it keeps you up at night wheezing and sneezing but, thankfully, that’s behind me now—one of the perks of living with a doctor.

On Monday 19th March, still fighting with jet lag, I made my way to visit Noel White, the Irish Ambassador to Australia. I couldn’t possibly pass on the invitation to attend the post St Patrick’s Day celebration at the Irish Embassy in Yarralumla. I had the pleasure of meeting many of the foreign dignitaries, such as Mr Ayo Olukanni, the Nigerian High Commissioner, who seemed as excited to meet me as I was to meet him. It was a wonderful event and a great introduction to Australia.

One thing I’ve noticed about Australia is how easy it is to get up early in the morning. It’s bright and sunny at 7am and the clocks have just gone back so now I can get up at 6am—although I dont plan on making that a habit just yet :-)

The wonderful weather has always been on the top of my list of pros and I’m getting accustomed to early morning runs around the oval, by the lake or through the woods. It’s also perfect conditions for skydiving and paragliding, which I’m very keen on getting involved in soon. I don’t mean to make my Irish friends jealous but I’m now enjoying long walks in the sun and even getting a tan (yes, even I tan). It’s a far cry from the -7C winter I just came from in London & the wet and windy routine of Irish weather that I am used to.

Last week I went to a lovely pub in Canberra called The Phoenix. I picked a good night to go because it was packed full of people, all there to see the Lavers brothers perform. You should check them out by the way (@Laversband on twitter).

I’m not forgetting my beautiful green Ireland of course. Home will always be home no matter where in the world I am. I have only just begun to cement myself in this great land and it’s exciting that I have a whole continent to discover.

I hope you will continue to follow me on my journey and I can’t wait to speak to you all again very soon!




Hello and welcome to my website! It has been so much fun creating it and I am really excited to be sharing it with you now!

The last few months have been amazing. I’ve been jetting between London and Dublin presenting some cool shows and having a lot of fun. In between all that I have been busy with a whole heap of stuff including magazine shoots, interviews, health & fitness and of course my favorite hobby - skydiving! You know free falling from an airplane certainly does clear the mind and helps you think seriously about those important things in life :-) and that means I have some exciting news to share with you. I have decided to embark on my greatest adventure so far and this my friends is a trip ‘down-under’. That’s right folks, I’ve touched down in AUSTRALIA!

It's exciting to be in a new home, in a new city, in a new country but I still have some adjusting to do. I’ll miss home of course, but being a born adventurer, I’m looking forward to surfing at Bondi, climbing the Harbour Bridge, and even…“throwing a shrimp on the barbie”.  I’m ready to get stuck into everything! I have no doubt this will be an experience like no other and I’m looking forward to sharing it with you along the way.

Right now, I’m in Canberra making the most of my first week and settling in with my wonderful Aussie friends. I've already met the Irish Ambassador, Mr Noel White and was even invited to a post St Patrick's Day celebration at the Irish Embassy--that was pretty cool. Soon I’ll be heading to Sydney to begin my next exciting project and to catch up with some old friends. Before long I'll be settled in and looking to bring out the Irish in Australia :-)

Finally, I'd like to say a very big thank you to Diana and Bliss Key Communication for their vision and support in bringing my website to life. I am so happy to be launching it today and will be blogging regularly. Stay tuned for my alerts on FaceBook and Twitter, join me on this adventure and let’s have some fun along the way!

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